Rolf Gerstad Memorial Fund


The Rolf Gerstad Memorial Fund was established by Powys Probation Service in the late 1990’s in memory of Rolf who was Powys Drug and Alcohol Centres’ (PDAC) first outreach worker. Rolf worked throughout south Powys and demonstrated the value of an outreach approach in supporting those at risk from substance misuse and their families.

The Fund is managed by PDAC.


The Fund supports individuals by providing resources to aid recovery from the effects of substance misuse (the beneficiary).

The Fund must contribute to the beneficiary’s well-being and progress. Funds are distributed at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


  • Fees for training courses and materials
  • Class fees and/or equipment for keep fit or sporting activities
  • Personal development activities
  • Help with costs to achieve independent living
  • Help with transport costs

NB The Fund cannot duplicate other sources of funding so if there is another way that activities can be funded this should be pursued before an application is submitted.

  • The Fund is not intended to support driving lessons.
  • Technical equipment will remain in the ownership of the applying organisation.


Anyone whose life has been adversely affected by their or a close family member’s drug and/or alcohol use may be eligible. Beneficiaries must be resident in Powys.


  • Funding up to a maximum of £500 per application will be considered
  • The sponsoring organisation (organisation working with the beneficiary) should apply on the beneficiary’s behalf using the application form
  • Payment will be made to the sponsoring organisation on the beneficiary’s behalf by cheque
  • Applications will be considered by the PDAC Executive Committee
  • The Executive Committee’s decision is final and there is no appeals process
  • Applications should be sent to: by email or to the registered office by post
  • There is no closing date for applications as requests will be considered as they are received
  • In normal circumstances please allow 3-4 weeks for a response
  • If the request is urgent, please make this clear when the application is submitted

Revised December 2019